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Philippine White Lady

While I was in Philippines during my vacation, I stayed with my relatives in the province, country-side. One night I was walking around the woods trying very hard not to stare at the dark forest. As I was walking along, I encountered a lady in a white dress. I asked her if she needed help or directions. I asked if she was one of my aunts or cousins, but she gave no response. I went up to her to look at her face, but it was covered by her hair.

So I looked closer and closer at her face, and I still couldn’t see it because the darkness also covered her face. So I decided to return home. As I proceeded back to my house, she started crying, and then she ran into the dark forest. I was about to follow her, but I heard my Mom calling me from the house. As I got there, my relatives all gave me a weird, terrified look. I asked them what was wrong, and my Mom said she saw me talking with the white lady.

I really didn’t care until she told me she was a ghost. The story of the white lady goes like this….The white lady lures you into the forest at night and gets you lost, and you will never be found again. The story horrified me because I was so close to following her into the forest. I thanked my Mom for saving my life..the end.

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