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Figure On Land Rover

During my NS days, every time my prowlers during guard duty reach a certain checkpoint famous for “unusual sightings”, they will always quickly go there, report back and walk away quickly.

Once, 2 of my prowlers ran all the way back to the guardroom because they saw “it” at that checkpoint. They claimed that from faraway, they saw a white figure sitting on the bonnet of one of the land rovers inside. To get inside to check, they need to open a lock but strangely, no matter how many time they turn the key, the lock just cannot open.

Then when they finally open, the white figure disappeared, feeling strange, they decided to come back to the guardroom but when opening the same lock to go outside, the key again cannot open.

No prize for guessing but when the buddy turned his head and saw the figure again sitting on the bonnet they ran all the way back – IPPT sure pass!

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