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Knocking My Car

I have a personal experience but don’t know can be considered paranormal or not. A couple of months back, I attended a ship anchored at sea. When I came back to shore at Marine South Pier, I went to my car which was parallel parked along the road. It was about 9.00 pm. I had to reverse the car first to exit the lot. As I was reversing, I hear 2 distinctly loud knocks on the rear of my car (like people knock on your car to warn you that you’re going to hit the car behind).

I stop the car immediately and checked the mirrors, saw nothing. I then got out of the car to check. My car was still more than 1 foot away from the car behind, so confirmed I didn’t hit that car. I ran along the stretch of road and looked from car to car. There was absolutely nobody around. So who knocked on my car?

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