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Haunted Stories

Well, when me and my friends were younger, we would play out by an old apple tree that was next to a rundown house. Being extremely bored, one day we sat around the tree, holding hands and kidding around, saying things like “Make the apples fall” and “Bring us apples” (We were too short to reach them). A little while after, tons of apples came flying down at us and we took off running. Too bad they were all rotten. =(

Also, my friend Cassie’s house used to be haunted by a little girl and her black cat, Sabrina. I don’t believe in ghosts really, but a lot of weird things used to happen. For example, the radio and TV volume would always go up or down, and they had those dimming lights that would always slowly go dimmer by themselves. My sister swears she saw the ghost of the cat when we stayed there. And one night a friend of mine was staying there, and she had a dream about a little girl who died in the attic. Creepy thing is she had no idea that that was what supposedly happened to the girl, ’cause Cassie never told her the house was haunted cause she didn’t want to scare her. Also, one night my friend was staying there, and in the middle of the night, she woke up and a girl was standing next to her. She said “I had a bad dream.” My friend thought it was Cassies younger sister, Sam, so she said “Come here.” and went to grab her arm, but she just grasped air and when she opened her eyes the girl was gone.

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