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Taiwan Hotel Incident

This happened in Taiwan. I was there with my mum. As we were there for a tour, we have to frequently change hotels.. (i can’t remember what hotel is it).. So when we step into the room, the whole room was extremely misty (which is quite strange cause my uncle’s room which was beside ours is not misty at all).. But we decided to walk in anyway.. Although both me and my mother had this extremely uncomfortable feeling..

Upon walking in, we could hear music playing.. like those japanese ghost movie kind of creepy music.. So I thought.. Maybe it’s a musical box playing, i look around for the musical box, but there wasn’t any.. Then one of the drawers came open! as if someone pulled it out (there was towels inside). Then the curtains started to flutter a little (when there was no wind cause the windows were closed)..I was quite freaked out, so we walked out of the room, the moment we walked out. the music stopped. When we walked in again, the music started playing again.. We were so freaked out that we decided to have a change of room immediately!!

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