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Strange Moth

Few years back, one night, I was watching TV till late night. I went to close the window in living room before going to bed, and just as I was closing, there was a big black moth, charging towards my direction. Seemingly wanting to fly into my house. I am always afraid of insects, so without second thought, I slam shut the window tight. The moth just bang against the window panel. I thought that it would go away. But weirdly, it just continued to aggressively banging against the window panel. I was freaked out, but I don’t want to let it in either. I just left it as it was and went off to sleep.

During the night, when I was sleeping, I not too sure if its a dream because its too vivid. I remembered that there was a black figure sitting on top of me, I can’t move and cannot wake up. Tried very hard to wake up, but did not succeed. I just struggle with “it” till the morning.

And the strange thing was, on my way to work, I kept seeing the big black moth. I saw it at least thrice before I reached office. Gosh, I thought what bad luck it was. And no… My mobile was stolen in the office (yes IN office). I told my friend about this and she said that maybe the moth is something else?
But if it is, I am quite thankful that it did not got in as intended.

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