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Pasir Ris Red House

Few days ago, I went red house alone at middle night as they bet with me a hundred dollar if i dare to stay for a night. During the night, i slept on a very old bed. Suddenly, i went to find the toilet as i wanted to pee. I felt scared and as there was no toilet, i peed in a well. After peeing, i felt somebody push me. I fell into the well fainted. The next morning when i woke up, i felt everything spinning and i saw a mirror. I saw an old woman. When i turn, there was no one. I felt scared and ran out but the door was locked i screamed like mad and the house began to spin. After 5min i felt back to normal. Suddenly a door flung open and i saw a Pontianak at the door. I ran past it and scream as i was running. A Bangladeshi saw me screaming and started scream vulgarities. I then ask a old woman after a few days and she told me that a woman died in the Red House while giving birth. i then knew it was haunted. I will never forget that incident.

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