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Mysterious Shadow

My story happened about 2 years back. It was kinda late and everyone at home was sleeping, so i decided to sleep too. I felt those thing lying on top of me, immobilizing me, just before i fell asleep a few times. I think you girls should know what i mean ba. Anyway, i went to sleep beside my bro and told myself not to open my eyes just in case i saw what i don’t want to see.

They immobilization didn’t stop and I’m really scared. God knows why i open my eyes and i saw this dark figure just a few inches away from my head, staring at me! The face features is make up of shadow, shades of shadow. I screamed and woke my bro up, the figure disappear.

My bro spent the rest of the night fighting his fatigue, ensuring that i fall asleep first before him. And when i finally told my mum 2days later, ’cause i don’t want her to worry, she claimed it’s my eyes playing tricks on me. The next thing i know, she put those “guanyin” songs in my bedroom for the whole night. HAHA

Prior to this incident, i had heard “someone” called out my name in the middle of the night when my family are all sleeping. My family had their fair share of weird encounter too – like “someone” knocked on the bedroom door and when she opened it, no1 is there. None of the family woke up that night too.

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