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Sixth Sense

Hey first time sharing stories , so can never be that good. Ok it has been named as intuition or Deja vu in French or “already seen”. Has anyone been facing a blurry image of what has happened and felt that its familiar? Not only me but some of my friends in my school, things that happened seems to had happened before. Well when you dream about “the future” it could be clear but as for me and my friend it’s only parts of the whole dream that can be recognized.

Only when the incident happened, then you could find it familiar. Some of the victims claimed that it’s last life happening and can’t be fully erased off. But as for me i think that it could be that the life has been going round and round , right after we died peacefully or worst everything will restart. But only your life restart that’s the life of you, quite similar to Himalayas culture , the life of all is just a dream of the Creator of the World, and all starting is endings and all endings are just starting. But in my view i think that we are given thousands and millions of time doing good deeds to have a better life and the same if we are going bad deeds, we have to “pay back” or “punish” but in the same body, same life , same environment but different adventures. Wverything we did will cause another fixed route and if it’s the second or more times, we will get the “notice” of whats gonna happen, thus THE 6TH SENSE. And if you have never been faced with any “notice”, you might be on the 1st journey.

So whats your opinion? True? False? It’s up to you to make the next notice. Your life can be changed from every of your movements.

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