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Haunted Highland Towers

As we’ve all heard about the highland towers in Hulu Klang, Kuala Lumpur. several people died caused by the landslide and heavy downpour back in 1992.

Its a true story, it happened during at night when a friend of mine got back home from somewhere. she took a taxi cab to get home. It was only her and the driver. While they’re on their way to her house, the driver started the conversation.

in Malay,

“pakcik pernah sekali ni, ambik sorang wanita. lawa sgt dik. suara lembut je. tp pakcik mcm seram sejuk je masa pakcik tanya nak pergi mana, dia kata hillview. pakcik hantar la, then nak sampai dah tunggu dia tengah nak keluarkan duit. pakcik sembang kejap sambil dia bukak bag dia, pakcik tanya buat apa kat highland towers mlm mlm ni? cik ni wartawan ke apa? perempuan tu jawab ,

“oh tak lah, tertinggal tangan dengan kaki saya kat sini”

in english,

“I’ve once gave a lady a lift in this area, she’s very pretty, with a very soft voice. But then i felt goosebumps as soon I asked her where was she going. She answered Hillview. I sent her there. We were about to reach Hillview when she was trying to reach the money. At the same time i asked her, “what are you doing here at night miss? are you a reporter?” he asked. Then she answered..

“oh nah, i lost both of my arms and legs here”

My friend sat down quietly and felt numb, because she have heard the story from her friend before. All the residents in Hillview too said that they often see ‘them’ at night, wandering around looking for something. she never have the guts to open up her windows in her room at night since both of the towers are located behind her house.

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