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Haunted Power Plant

This story I’m going to relate is at the power plant where I work. Here is the story. We had a plant manager that was getting ready to retire, one day at work the plant went down. Electrical failure was the cause. The operator called the manager but got no answer. The operator left a message on the managers answering machine.

Unknown to the operator, it was determine that when he left the message, the manager died of a heart attack. Every now and then at the plant some strange events occur. For me, a broom fell over. You might think that is normal, but it fell in the direction against it’s center of gravity the other day, we at the plant heard a loud rumbling sound. We looked weverywhere, but could not id the sound. We thought it was the steam line, but the gages said everything was fine. Finally i walked into the middle of the plant and shouted “Hey, Paul! Frank is not here” Paul was the former plant manager and frank was the operaqtor that made the call. That very second, the sound stopped. Spooky?

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