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Stuck In Lift

It’s true, It have happened to me before, but even i said, no ones believe me.Got a time, when i take a lift at my home , the lift suddenly stopped halfway, and the light inside the life turn blackout, look so scary, i tried to click the ring button, but it’s not working, i hope that someones would call peoples or lift repairer to come, but wait till 3 hours still no ones help.

I remember that when the lift stopped, my watch time was about 5.30pm, and after waiting for 3 hrs, the lift finally back to normal itself, and when i arrived home, my watch time was about 8.30pm. Suddenly i realized that, 8.30pm liao, why outside was still so light, it should be dark. Then i see my house clock, it only about 5.35pm, it amaze me, that mean i have been in a lift for only few seconds, but i waited for 3 hrs, and my watch is running, how can it be only few second. This experience amazed me and haunted me for the rest of my life.

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