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Marina South Killer Bend

Since you all are so interested in haunted places in Singapore, let me tell you all a story about one of the spookiest place in Sinagpore – Marina South.

6 years ago, when i was still in my teenage years, i had my first road accident there.

I was with my boyfren riding as a pillion rider at midnight 12am plus along this poorly litted bend road, when the accident happened…

For no reason, i fell off from the motor and of course i was hurt and bruised all over my body.

my bf was ok, while i was groaning with pain at the side of the road. Marina south has those bushes and really huge ‘long kangs’ with metal grilles.

As i squatted there and groan in pain, suddenly i heard a sharp-pitched voices goes… “Eek eek eek eek” . It sounded like a laughing sound to me, as if mocking my misfortune.

I kept extremely silent, and i asked my bf whether he heard anything, but he seemed blurred and said he didnt hear anything.

Till now, its gives me the creep and i couldnt understand why it happened. i had checked the road conditions at that time – the road surface wasn’t even wet or whatever.

It just happened.

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