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Final Destination

This year in January exactly, I experienced chained nightmares night by night. It was like I’m in the plane and i’m witnessing a plane crash. Everyone started screaming in pain,the fire was licking their body person by person.Light started to flick on and off and the plane lost its balance and went down the sea.

I kept having the same dream night by night.That’s not enough. I saw lot of signs.Like everytime i walked to school plane will fly pass me and there’s one morning,i flipped the newspaper,i saw a plane crash.Then i switched on TV there was a movies about plane crash. I was so disturbed that i finally decided to consult a british psychic called CHRIS ROBINSON,check his website

My sis knew him when she studied in england.So i was on phone call with him and emails.After few evaluation,he concluded that i was taking in what he called ”pain-wave” of a nasty plane crash in indonesia.If you guys notice there was a plane called ‘ADAM AIR” who went missing from radar in january 2007 carrying 97 passengers. The psychic asked me to avoid plane ride or what-so-ever for months.I was so freaked out.

The climax here. The day before i went for holiday to jakarta (indonesia) in july,one of the plane skidded of the track.But no casualities.Thank god i did not take that plane,i assumed it must be the amulet that i wore,a monk from thailand gave it to me.

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