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Hmm basically im a buddhist, and i have expirience many strange things and heard alot bout buddhist miracles. I remember a minor miracle, which is when there was once i came home by myself about 6yrs ago when i was just a little kid. I forgot to take out the key of my outer door and just locked it. Then when i remembered it, i suddenly could not open the door, somehow to say i was locked inside the house. No matter how hard i tried, just couldnt. Then i decided to chant a six syllable mantra and suddenly my door could be opened. Hmm..maybe its not really a miracle bah..but can say that sort of relieved me after chanting the mantra.

Also, i was a child who was bullied by some bullies in my primary school years. Well i wont say much about what they did to me here, but eversince i became a buddhist and learnt mantras, those bullying stopped. And after a few years time even the bullies even respect me for who i am. Nobody touched even one of my hair. I also felt more confident of myself after joining buddhism.

There are basically many miracles i’ve seen but i will not list all here. I can only say that different religion works for different people. Theres some time ago that i believe the christianity god has helped me solve a problem, and i really thank him alot. However my thinking and faith is not in him but rather in buddhism. The buddhist concept suits me more, therefore i became a buddhist. =)

Remember the SARS period? That disease was pretty much a havoc in S’pore. I remembered attending a puja at KMSPKS by tibetan high monks. When they chant halfway through the long puja, i could feel the power and vibration too. But somehow i felt giddy and went home after that. Anyway my point is that the SARS actually became weaker and weaker after the puja about a few days later.

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