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Identical Dad

This is a short story. Back in the year 1999 if I’m not mistaken. I always stayed up very late at night weather to chit chat/surf on the internet or playing my PS regardless of school night or holiday. But this is the night I will never forget.

That night, I was playing my Final Fantasy 7 when I felt hungry. That was abt 2am, I dragged myself to the kitchen to cook maggie mee. When I passed my living room to the kitchen, I saw my dad sitting at the corner on his favourite chair. So i asked him “Dad, you want maggie mee? I’ll cook extra.” He replied “Its Ok. You just eat”. After I cooked and ate my maggie, I went to sleep and my dad wasn’t there. On the next day after I came back from school, i asked my mom. “What was dad doing waking up at 2am in the morning?” Then my mom stared at me for quite a while. She told me. “Dad wasn’t home yesterday, covering his friend’s duty for that night”. Then who was I talking to? and who replied me back my question? who is he?

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