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Ghost Thoughts

Have you all ever been so involved doing the little things in life that you forgot that you were actually alive. I believe most of us at one time or another suddenly would look at ourself and become surprised that we were not aware of ourselves all these while? I don’t really know how to put it except that you were aware that you were yourself suddenly. Hehehehehe, very much like Carl Jung’s famous poem “Did I dream of a butterfly or I am the butterfly dreaming…”

This is how ghosts think. Basically, it is very instinctive and intentional. Let me give you an example. If someone died and perform a series of rituals before death. For instance, a female was very distraught that her BF has left her, so she went to the seaside. Look out into the ocean, pick up stone and throw it into the water. Walk a few times up and down, crying before hanging herself. Then these are what we call the last few “intentions” before death and after death, the intentions live on. Meaning all that is in her mind are these few series of steps. She would rountinely carry them out until some events occur to break her out of it by making her aware that she is dead. The moment she is aware that her existence is merely sustained by the intentions, she would pass on to the next world.

Thus evil ghosts are not evil by nature but the “intentions” that were present the last few moments prior to death are evil. Remember, upon death the whole world is kept alive merely by the last few “intentions.” In a way, the intentions are their link to this world and also the sustaining lifeform.

Intentions together with the interactions of fields produces different results between individuals and ghosts.

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