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Hospital Encounter

This experience was encountered during my attachment in one of the hospital here in Singapore. As a student nurse we don’t have quite a lot of things to do and that time I’m searching for my friend who work in the same ward as I am. I look into her cubicles which she was assigned to but nowhere to be seen. So I thought that maybe she send a patient to the toilet. I went to look her up at the female toilet. I just look in from outside of the toilet and I saw “my friend” pushing a patient in the large cubicle so she must be inside right? So I happily went up to her and wanted to help her but when I went in, there was nobody inside. I was shocked and look into other cubicles but not a single soul was inside the toilet. Chills went down my spine and I feel that something was watching me. I quickly went out of the toilet.

When I saw my friend coming from the entrance of the ward then I was sure that what I saw just now was a…oooppss…I told my friend and she scolded me for not shouting her name first before going in. From then, I learn my lesson that whenever I have nothing to do I won’t want to search for my friend cause maybe that “thing” was angry with me for not searching for a job to do but something else. Hmm..yeah maybe what I saw is true cause hospitals are really a “dirty” place to work in but I have to anyway.

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