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Big White Mouse

It happened way back in the late 80′s. An expedition to the legendary mt ophir with some friends. After a successful climb up, we decided to camp for one last day, further down before departing home. Chose a spot and pitch tent. As usual after dinner, everyone of us would gather at entrance of the tent to do some casual talk. Then a fren,J, decided to take some pictures, so off he goes inside the tent to retrieve his camera.

Then suddenly, we heard a shriek,”maaaaakkkk!!!” from inside and checked out the fuss. It was from J, claiming to have seen a big white mouse inside his haversack. That really spook him and best part was, he actually flung his camera to chase it off. At that moment, everybody kind of confused, cos’ how could this creature suddenly show up when all of us were at the tent entrance and there were no ‘mouse hole’ around.

Just as we were about to settle down, then came another shock,this time everybody witness it. We actually can see this creature,big white,cat size mouse (malay called it ‘mondok’)came charging in our tent’s direction. I can’t helped but noticed its furs, clean white, no earth soil stain, even when it’s muddy around. It simply vanished everytime it came charging at us. Certainly create havoc and mayhem to all of us grown up for creature that size. Then, came an idea, I instructed the rest to start a small fire at its charging path.It worked, soon after no more ‘attack’. For the rest of that night, we all couldn’t sleep, well just in case the creature came back. And about J’s camera, it might have ended in sungei road.

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