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I would share some story which I experienced during my young days. I have seem many of the third kind during my young days and this is one of mine true story.

At that time it was 1995 on Saturday night about 12:30am and my friend and I was on our way back. She is staying at Tampinese. While on the way there ,where the old Long Beach restaurant next to the Sir unit, there was an empty land with trees. Many story were heard over there and it is always about a woman or an old man story.

While driving, I saw a lady standing under the trees and was waving at me. I wasn’t sure then as it was dark but very sure one thing is a lady. Having a kind soul in nature, I asked my friend whether she mind fetching a stanger home. At that time, I have slowed down already and she asked me where she is. I said over there lor, walking towards us. She was shocked and immediately she screamed as she couldn’t see any beside us.

This lady was dressed in black and very pale face. She had a very tall hat like those of a magician. The next moment I knew something is not right so I quickly sped off at the fastest time I could. Want to know more, email me………….

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