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Tampines Safra

I was celebrating a friends birthday at a ktv at the Tampines SAFRA club house. The night was enjoyable. We all had a few drinks and sang out throats dry….

When it was time to go at 12.30 midnite, I made a rush for the gents. Warm, happy and a smile on my face, I head for the toilet which was situated outside the ktv.. inside a brightly lited badminton court. All this cherry feeling comes to a sudden end as I step into the gents. Just as suddenly the warm feel of alcohol deserted me…suddenly I feel the hairs on my arms stood. There was a distinct quietness. I started to humm a tune… and proceed to use the urinal.. Like in the movies….i suddenly heard water driping slowly from the last cubical in the toilet. The sound was unusually loud.. the door was slightly open…the air was cold almost biting…. but a little bit of the bravery remains from the beer. I had stop humming and quickly finish with my business…. I turn and walk towards the cubical.

As I approach the cubical… I spoted a shadow below the door… but there doesn’t seem any other sign that there is a person inside… I take a deep breath and shouted, “OOOOOOOOII anyone insideee???” Then I kicked the door open…… the door swung open… and suddenly.. I felt a cold breeze blown pass behind me… At that time… my kakis step into the toilet and stared at me… “Hey why you took soo long..? Go toilet pang sai ahh? Its already 1.30am….. And why are you soo pale….?” he ask me. “I can’t answer you… Did i stay in the toilet for an hour?????…..”

I grab him…. and run out of the toilet…. I only told everyone the next day what actually happens and we all swore never to use that place again…..Believe me or not??????

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