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Cursed Pond

Ok this happened on last Saturday when my family & few of my aunts went for a gathering at…. to be more precise it was a picnic. We were there by 3pm. That time, there were not many people around because the weather was damn hot…since we got nothing to do (no sea, no cycling…in short nothing to see), my fiance & I decided to take a walk around the area as we saw a small pond nearby.

We walked along the pond & saw fishes & tortoises (at last there is some excitement…duh!) Then unbelievingly, I saw 2 swans across the pond…i was getting excited & we went over to the other side of the pond. The 2 graceful swans stopped near an Indian family (2 women & 2 girls) feeding the swans with bread. Out of nowhere, suddenly one of the girls fall lean forward & fell into the pond dragging the sister in too. The mum & granny were surprise. Luckily the girls were tall enough to climb up. The mum was scolding them for playing too near the edge. Upon seeing that, we were also shocked cos it happened very fast, went back to where our family were resting.

Then my youngest cousin, 5 yr old wanted to get a good view of the swans so together his parents, my 2 cousins, me & my fiance went to feed the swans. We went to the exact same spot where the the Indian girls fell because even after doing their rounds, the swans tend to return to that very same spot. We were having fun feeding the swans until my 5yr old cuz lost his balance & fell into the pond! His parents were so shocked that they didn’t utter a word except the father. He only managed to say “Take him..take him” but didn’t budge at all.. I guess my fiance must be shocked too (why not since this is the 2nd time he saw kids falling into the same pond at the same spot!) After a few seconds, he acted. He jumped into the pond with his clothes on (he didnt bring extra clothing at all). He was all soaked from the waist down when he got up from the pond. Luckily one of my cousins brought an extra pair of bermudas & let my fiance wear it.

As we were sitting at the bench near the pond (letting his jeans dry under the sun), we talked about it & can only come out with the solution that that spot near the pond is cursed no matter how we try to reason with ourselves. Why not? Because during that time onwards, none of the kids that ran around happily seeing the swans fell into the pond & lastly no one was at at the same spot where the incident took place. Bet you are curious where the location is: Its at the Botanical Gardens!!

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