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Something Jumping

Hello everyone, I’m Mike. This is a story which happened 2 years back. This encounter will always remain deeply in my mind for the rest of my life. This is true and i will never want this to happen to anyone. It all happen when i used to work during my holidays in a hotel used to do late shifts and sometimes come back home very late. This paticular day, i had to do late shift so by time i got back, i was damn tired. That time i was living with my auntie in bukit merah because it was convinence for me to go to work from there…. So happen that night i reached home at about 1am and the next day, i had to get up by 6:30am. So the minute i got to my Auntie’s home, i decided to just change into my sleeping attire and just have a light meal before i go to bed. But that night i was just too lazy to go the washroom to clean my self up so i just sleep after my light meal.

Well i remember i was asleep when something woke me up. My eyes were still close but there was something on my bed and it was jumping. I was so scared that i had no guts to open my eyes..It came closer to me this time. It just started straggling me. The worst part is that i couldn’t even scream or even open up my eyes. I was struggling to get free here….. but it just didn’t let me go…Then just after few seconds, it just stop and i finally could open up my eyes. But when i did, i regretted what i saw. It was this lady with a white dress, long hair and was really moving fast. It was just a glance. She was heading towards the kitchen and after that, i really SCREAM FROM THE TOP OF MY VOICE!!!

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