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Watch Dog Of Northbrooks

This is really true that you will not sleep in the night. Here it goes, Brookians do you know that there is a ‘WATCH’ dog in our school. It is a black dog with no fur on it. Maybe this dog is no big deal but it is very strange. There was 1 thursday this year, I went to school very early around 6.15a.m in the morning and I went through the front gate. At first, I was damn shocked to see the’dog’sleeping in the basketball court and when I first saw the dog, it was staring at me directly with its bloodly red eyes. I stood rooted to the ground. I actually pretended I did’t see it and ran to the school compound. Guess what? It chase me. I speed like shit until the school and it stop chasing.

After about 5-10 minutes, I went to the volleyball court. Then, I saw the ‘WATCH’ dog resting in the middle of the field. For those who do not know the field, it only has 2 gates but both the gates were lock dead. How in the world did the dog get into the field. The next time, what I saw was the bloody red eyes staring back at me again with a howling. Luckily my friends called me and I went away. When I came back from my friends, the dog had disappeared from the field. How in the world did the dog get out of the field???? So next camp in the school, do 1 favour, that is go and take a look at the dog, if you don’t beileve me. The most you will only get a chase or a bloody red shot stare from the dog. BEWARE BROOKIANS!!!!!

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