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Tekong BMTC School 1

I was posted to BMTC School 1 on Pulau Tekong for my BMT in 1999. Having heard of the weird stories in Tekong, I was quite fearful of the place. But during my 2.5 months stay there, it was quite uneventful except for one particular incident which occurred to my platoon-mate.

Our platoon slept on Level 4 of the new Tekong buildings. It was late at night and everyone has fallen asleep because there was a field camp which was going to take place for the next 3 days. This platoon-mate of mine was sound asleep too. Suddenly, he heard someone shouting his name downstairs. It sounded like our Platoon Commander and he immediately jump to his feet and quickly put on his socks and PT shoes and rushed downstairs. But, when he rushed downstairs, our Platoon Commander, who was planning the field camp in the Company Office on Level 1, came out of the office and questioned him. He said that he heard his name being called but apparently, the Platoon Commander didn`t call him because he was very busy planning the field camp schedule. Also, it was 2am at night. There was no reason for the Platoon Commander to call him down. My platoon-mate and the Platoon Commander were both very puzzled as they could not fathom who had called.

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