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Great Grandma’s Funeral

This happened about say about 3years ago. It was my great grandmother who juz came back from the hospital i think it was an opperation but anyway she said she saw this woman in black all covered from top to bottem except i think the mouth and the nose.the first time she saw it she told my auntie(her daughter)who was leaving with her.

My auntie who did not really believe in ghost juz decided to move the T.V somewhere else. The next day,in the night,at around the same time my great grandmother shouted “mo-mok!mo-mok!”which mean ghost in auntie who was a bit shock ran out and saw nothing but the T.V which was ON but what frighten her the most was that my great grandmother was pointing to a chair near her and shouting!then my auntie quickly moved the chair somewhere eles then she ask the maid to sit on the chair then my great grandmother ask the maid why was there 2 children chasing each other in malay the maid who was shock ran to tell my auntie.

My auntie then ask my great grandmother to go and sleep.the next morning my greatgrand mother got ammited into the hospital i think she had a heart attack in the night while dreaming she said it was about the ladyshe saw,she said the lady took off the piece of colth that was covering her eyes she said the eyes were so red and there was blood on the bottem of the eyes.then later that night it was my mothers turn to take care of my great grandmother so she did.after awhile my mother had to go to the toliet and then that was when my mother heard a scream then it stop!my mother quickly ran out of the toliet and then saw my great grandmoher dead she called the nurse but they could not save her then my mother said to let my great grandmother rest in peace and this is my true story.if you don`t believe you can go and check the records.

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