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Fort Canning

Two years ago, me and my boyfriend went to Fort Canning at about 9.30pm. We were siting at one of the shelter there. The place was quite dim as the lights was not really bright. Behind the shelter, there are lots of trees and bushes. As we siting there , out of the sudden we heard a loud Thump at abt 10.30pm on top of the shelter. As i do not really believe in ghost or watsoever I just ignore the loud sound and I tried to think of a good explaination to it as I knew that place are crawling with preying peeping toms but my boyfriend reaction was different. He looked pale and very anxious to leave the shelter as if there is something he saw.

He quickly hurried me to leave the place and he was smoking vigirously. He refused to tell me what happened until we were quite a distance away from Fort Canning Park. He told me there was a pontianak coming down to the shelter or else how do we explain the loud thump. It couldn`t be a stone or fruit falling from the sky rite or some peeping guy trying to stunt over the shelter? He also told me that he can feel the chill running through his spine as we walk out of there. From then onwards we hardly visit the Fort Canning again at nite.

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