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Punggol Marina

This story in is the year 1998..that time i was Pri 5..Our school Have organise a camp for the whole Primary 5 student at Punggol Marina.

That Night when the teacher told us to sleep, i and my Friend couldnt we thought of hang out in the canteen its was late at night around 12.30 in the morning..We were jokin each other..Suddenly i and my friend suggest that lets go and sleep because its already late at 3 in the morning…So we get ack to our campsite n Wentinside the tent all of my friend are tired n when for a sleep

Suddenly around 3.30 in the mornin..i heard the dogs barking and heard of Motorist and light so i thought of coming out of my tent and see wat had happen outside..When i Go out from my tent yOU all Guess What did i See? Well I actually see a Young Lady in white holding Torchlight walking across my tent.

Then when its was around 5am my friend woke up n have our shower…fnish our shower we went back to our tent because our techer ssay its was too early to wake up..den we ge back to sleep again..and i couldnt sleep, i couldnt close… Suddenly when I see at the gate infront of my tent i saw two lady..wen i switch on my torch its couldnt on but my torch batt actually its still full batt.,den wen its is 6 in the mornin,,the ghost went out with a smoke…

Actually what was that? is it a ghost?

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