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Admiralty which is near to Woodlands is a very haunted place. My grandmother stays in a flat near admiralty mrt station. First encounter was when my parents slept over. Near midnight my uncle woke up to pee and saw a white figure exactly on the same level of the opposite block carrying a baby in its hands.the lights were switched on to wake all the people mother uttered some prayers and the figure would bend down,as if to avoid the effect of the prayers.

When my mother paused the figure would just gaze at my grandma`s flat window.after awhile,the people in the flat decided to leave it alone since it wouldn`t leave.when my vigilant uncle looked again she was gone.second encounter was experienced by my grandma after a series of grandmother LOVES to go out to her friend`s place and would come back at day,under her block she felt her neck being pinched but she just went home.a few weeks after her neck started swelling,we thought it was tonsilitis.turned out to be some form of a curse.every night she wakes up to get rid of the phlegm in her throat due to the sickness and suddenly on the couch sat this old woman with a red dress and her hair in a bun just staring at the television.

My grandma kept looking and suddenly the figure would just glide into the kitchen and happened consecutively but my grandma was already used to it.when she underwent an operation to remove the things in her neck,the “hauntings” stopped.(these are real stories i swear)addition:some flat owners in the block kept “toyols”.*freeky* and in the opp. block with the white figure+baby,a boy was waiting for his grandma to come out of the toilet at night and when the grandma finished her reported:”I saw someone with very long hair combing it in the room.she was all white.when i turned to you and looked back,she was gone.

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