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It happen one late morning around three. I was walking home after having a couple of booze at a nearby coffee shop. My body is feeling tired and persuaded me to go to bed. My mind is rather dizzy and high cause I think I have too much drink. Finally, I reached my block. I walked towards the lift and enters. Then, out of the blues, there is a slight wind blown against me. What makes it more weird is that I was inside the lift. But all this will have to wait. All I want now is to reach home and get some sleep.

A moment later, I`ve reached the 11th floor.
The lift door opens.

It was then, for the first time in my entire life, a girl in a white dress, with long hair, standing right in front of me. It is a Pontianak. At that moment, I was so terrified that the highness inside me tremendously dissappears. My reaction was rather amusing if you could see. Even the Pontianak about to laugh. There`s no joke about this, she is about to smile.

Now this is the weird part. So suddenly, without expectations from me, I snap! Say a valgur word in high tone and give the Pontianak a full swing slap. The impact was too great that the Pontianak fell sideways to the ground.

I looked at her. At this point, I can see one side of her face. I can`t believe I actually do it. I`ve actually slapped a Pontianak! Then, to my right, I senses something moving directly to me. I turn my head and se that there was nothing there. When I turn back to see my fallen maiden. She`ve vanished.

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