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My Dead Father

I always have a kind of weird feeling when something is going to happen at home. I suspected that my dad had came back to warn me about it. My dad has past away for few years, but I can feel that he is always there for us. Hope he is doing well in the other world. By the way, has anyone seen a angel before? I did, when I was in the age of 11. I saw a very small angle on a tree at East Coast Beach. She was smiling at me, but I didn’t know what was it. So I kept standing under the tree and wait for the angel to talk to me. (I know, I know. Me siao lah!) Later, I asked my friends to take a look at the angle. But, they told me that they see nothing but leaves. So I thought I might have a kind of weird power because of that angle. Cos a lot of people came to me and told me that god is looking for me.(But don’t know true or not lah) Not only that, I even heard lots of Chinese peoples chatting when I was working in my office. I tired to find out where the sound came from, but I failed cos I found that I was alone in the room!!!

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