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Possessed In School

Well it’s started when i was having my band camp during the 1st 2 weeks of june. We have a sleep over in my school, CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent, level 3 indoor gym. As you all know is common to have ghost stories told in the middle of the night and my band seniors was telling us one. Suddenly i and and my friend felt really cold. We thought that it could have been the present of a spirit next to us. So we decided to countine the stories tomorrow.

On our way back to the sleeping bags..One of my band senior suddenly fainted in the middle of the hall. (It is belive that in the middle of a place it has the highest possible of a spirit present.) When she woke up, her face was glowing in the dark and she was giving an attiude that it doesn’t seem to be her. She usually very friendly and never rude. But when she woke up .. she started giving us the cold shoulders and shouting at the teachers.

The very next day.. She was suprised to found herself lying on the sleeping bag … without knowing what has happen.

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