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You know what they say bout kids being more able to see ghosts and spirits and stuff? In my opinion, anyone can see them; it depends if they choose to be seen. I was just 7 years of age when i first encountered this sort of thing, when i was living in Bt Batok. It was a few minutes after 12 in the morning. I was awakened suddenly from my sleep. It was like my eyes just opened by themselves. I looked to the window and i saw-check this out-a couple of skeletons dancing outside. “Haha”, you might start to laugh; c’mon, skeletons?? But hey, the devil can appear as almost anything…

I could just tell that they were each male and female, by the way they were dancing. They were just rattling their bones as they danced. It was obvious they were trying to scare me, and scare me they did. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was crying uncontrollable, my fear intense. I was a kid, remember? Alas, no one heard me for what seemed like almost an hour. My aunt and uncle were sleeping in the room just in front of mine, and their bedroom door was juz slightly ajar, yet they couldn’t hear my cries for that long. When my aunt finally came to my rescue, the two skeletons were already gone. If u’re familiar with Bt Batok, you’d know that it is quite a ‘dirty’ place, especially around the Little Guilin area. That’s where i used to live. Go check it out.

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