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This incident happened about a few years ago. I used to play hide n seek with my younger brother and i always hide in the dark in my room with the door close. So you can imagine the darkness in the room.. very dark.. I lay face down on my bed waiting for my brother to come in and pounce on me.

Suddenly i heard the door of my room open and I purposely waited for a while to give my brother the chance to pounce on me. I waited and waited but nothing happen. Then i heard footsteps in my room..”Ah…that must be my brother” i thought to myself..So… I shout out his name..No reply…I shout out his name again very loud but still no reply.. This time i felt a little scared and i was sweating profusely..I gather up my courage and i looked up and searched in the room for my brother..Turns out he was not there! I went out of my room and saw my brother was sitting in the living room with my parents. I asked him why he didn’t reply when i called his name, he said he did hear me calling him.. I thought he was joking, so i asked my parents, they too said they didn’t hear anything…

I recall back the footsteps i heard and i felt a cold chill. If it was my brother playing the trick, surely i will be able to hear him enter and leaving my room as my door of my room makes noises when people enter or leave the room.

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