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Haunted Toilet

One day there is a rumour about the haunted toilet that a girl who commited a suicide at the toilet because she failed all her subject and the gal always said that they always saw a gal crying or when they see the mirror they saw the the gal commited the suicide. After i and my friend heard about the the gal who commited suicide, i and my friend feel excited because i and my friend had never saw a ghost in my entire life. When it was thursday after school, my friend wait until all the pupil had left the toilet. After all the pupil had left the toilet, i and my friend stay there about 30 min and one of my friend said that she want to comb her hair and i lend her my comb.

When she was combing, she saw a gal near the toilet door where we do our business. She shouted and i and my another friend also shouted after we saw the gal. The gal look scary. She has blood all over her body. I and my friend ran as fast as we could. Remember never go to the toilet that is haunted.

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