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Strange Encounter

A friend of mine encountered this scary experience. She told me about it after going back from her holiday camp in Malaysia and her name is Aisyah. On the first night, they had a competition that is to find their own way back to their camp site on their own. They were put into groups of two. They set off at 12 midnight sharp. Aisyah with her other friend, Linda, went somewhere far into the forest.

Suddenly, they saw a lady wearing a blue T-shirt. When they finally recognized who it was, they realized that she was their teacher. She showed them the way. When they walked towards the direction, they realized that their teacher was gone. They thought she was trying to help them and went away after doing so. They followed the way and safely reached their camp site. They asked their teacher whether she had helped them, but she said no. Ooohhhh!!!!

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