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The story goes like this. One day, i just came home from my tuition class and the time was 11.15pm. I came home late that day because i went to the yew tee park to slack with my friends.Then I was walking towards my block. My block was in a basement, it was dark and scary.. suddenly..when i was walking towars my lift, i felt a sudden shiver on my spine..I felt kinda weird. Then, i felt that there was someone following, i turned back to see if there was anyone there..When i turned, guess what?!? I saw a women ..with long black hair, had red bloody eyes, dressed in white and she was floating. I was so shocked that i quickly ran as fast as i could towards my lift. When i reached my lift..i quickly pressed the button. Then the door opened. Then, i saw her inside!!!

I ran towards the MRT station..towards the crowd..and guess what?? She pulled me. I couldn’t run & i shouted, but nobody seem to hear me..Then..i kicked the bitch..i mean..ghost & ran to the staircase and went up to the 13th story. When my house is..and quickly went in my house..When i turned to look for her, she wasn’t there anymore;

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