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Chik Pon?

This is what I encounted. I was not feeling well since last week. As i was taking my evening nap, I saw a small black botak toyol, trying to open my sister bag . I was so shock because I never seen the toyol before, but to my mother experience she told me the toyol is bald and have a red eyes. What I saw is true, I quikly throw my pillow at him. I warning him not to come, I will caught uou if u dare to come here again. Then he dashed from the door and vanished.

But on Tuesday evening at about 6.45pm. When I was sitting and wathing the disneyland, I felt someone looking at me. When I turn at my kitchen, I saw a Lady in White dress, with very black neat long hair looking at me. My gosh she have a very pretty face that I’ve never seen before and she look very mild and gentle type. She looking at me with a smile. I try to figure out who is she, when I wanted to go to her, she just fly infront of me thru the window and dissapeared to nowhere. That time I waited for my mother to bring me to see the doctor. When my mum’s back, I told her. She told me it could be an angel to tell u that u will be alright soon. I did not know whether is true or not. But this happen when I only not feeling well. But who she exactly.

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