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It was last year when this incident happened to me. So scary but it’s true. I played snap with my aunty and uncle together with my 7 year-old cousin. My uncle asked my cousin to put his card down then my aunty laughed. We were playing the game so happily when suddenly i heard footsteps coming near me. It sounds just like my uncle, aunty & my cousin’s. It was like as though they were coming towards me. Then someone tapped my shoulder. I was stunned. I turned around and was shocked and surprised that they were my aunty, uncle and my cousin. My face turned pale. Then my uncle asked me why. I replied by saying that i had been playing with the three of them from just now. They said that they told me that they were going to the vending machine nearby. I did not hear a single word when i was “playing” with them just now. I asked my uncle if he said anything about asking my cousin to move but he said no. I asked my aunty if she laughed and she said no. Who played with me can’t be answered. I just don’t know who did i played with until now…

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