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Third Party

It happened on Thursday nite and it’s on Hungry Ghost Festival, I was talking with a friend of mine on the phone. We were exchanging ghost stories on the phone when something unusual happened to our phone!!!

What we encounter was that we can’t hear what we were talking to each other(i can’t hear him & he can’t hear mine) it’s goes on and on ’till we hang up the call to try again(it’s was 12:30am on that time). We did fine on the first minute then suddenly we heard ‘Someone’ breathing so heavily on the phone, at first my friend thought I was playing prank on him but I didn’t have second phone at home. The breathing goes on and on again, and this time we really need to end our conversation after we heard that ‘breathing’ stuff.

We talk about what happened to our friends the next day and they advised us not to talk on phone late nite on Hungry Ghost Festival as the spirit wandering around at that time!!!

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