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A Colourful Figure

My stories begins with some girls playing at the 11th floor and dissappeared at the 12th floor at Bukit Batok Central, Blk 107 .

The girls were chasing each other at the 11th floor at the same block. They were playing at the 11th floor near the lift.

After a moment, one of the girls went to the 12th floor and saw a colourful figure. The figure makes her attracted and make her stared at it for the whole afternoon.

When the game stopped, the rest of the girls noticed that one of the girls had gone missing. The girls searched for the missing girl from the first floor to the 11th floor where they were playing.

When they were at the 12th floor, they saw their friend staring at the figure. Suddenly, they were pulled into the figure and never come back.

To tell the truth, actually the girl who is staring at the figure was my friend [farah]. She didn’t come back since today. But when i went there i heard some laughter.

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