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Woodlands Square

In 3rd june 2005, halim and his 5 best friends go to woodlands square. His friends name is hafiz, shafie, jumadi, azizzul and muhd nur. We when for a walk at woodlands square. We decided to play catching beside the woolands square. That time was at 10pm. We finish at 10.30pm, we decided to walk around the woolands square park. Muhd Nur had to go home because his mother call him. So now only had 5 people.

We was cold so we need to go to the toilet. When we was finding the toilet, we saw a rock but we thougt it was nothing but we was wrong. There was a strange thing on the top of the rock. We came near to have a good look. It was a woman. She was strange because when we ask her, she still quiet. Then she suddenly turn and try to grab us. Her face was ugly then we know she was a pontianak. She has a long teeth. We ran and we take photograph and then the ghost stop catching us and it suddenly disappear. It was scary.

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