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Pontianak In Loyang

Last year, when i am in primary 5, my mother tongue teacher told our class that they will having a library week. So my friend, Munirah, Amalina, Hafiz, Shima and i wanted to take part in the library week. So our teacher agree. So we make a script. After thinking what to act, Faiz got an idea. He said that he wanted to make a Ghost story. He said,”Example, pontianak!”. I said that is a good idea. But i asking them, who will become the pontianak. Then, they chose me because i had a very long hair like pontianak. So i agree even when that time i feel very scared.

The next week, the library week started. After that, it was our turned to act. I’m wearing a telekong(the clothes which the muslim girl wear to pray),and i let go my hair. I put my hair in front so that it looks like a pontianak. Then our acting started.

After we finish our acting, we sit where our class sit. All my classmates ask me whether i’m wearing a perfume or not. But i said i had never wear a perfume before. So they said that went i coming out from the stage, they smell some nice perfume near the stage where i standing just now. But i said i never wear a perfume. My teacher said that maybe someone was behind me. Although when i was acting, i smell some nice perfumed behind me!

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