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Woodlands Ring School

One night, I was in school with 4 of my friend in the 4th level art room. We went there because we heard from the older people that last time this place is once a cememtery. At first, we did not believe there were ghost on this world. But, after this incident, we were made to belive…….

When we were walking toward the art room, it was already midnight. We went there because “they” said that the art room was haunted… we decided to find out ourselves. When we reached the 4th level, none of us dare to lead the way as the place is really quiet. Even the night breeze can be heard and chill us down our spine. I pluck up my courage and volunteer to lead the way. The 4 of them all followed behind. After walking some distance from the stairs, I stopped and turned around to check if they were following me. When i turned back, i saw a figure with NO HEAD, HANDS AND LEGS!!! It only had a white shirt with a black pants floating towards the wall. it was moving at great speed towards the wall, and stopped behind the dustbin. As the dustbin was black and the wall is white, the figure camouflage itself behind the dustbin thinking that we can’t see “him”. I stare at it, then my friends notice it and ask me whats wrong. I told them and they turn back. They said they say nothing but i saw “him” was waving at me. I was totally blank and didn’t know what to do. At the same time, my friends push me and call me to go down. Till now, that incident is still fresh in my mind.

From that day onwards, i finally made to belive what is mean by the term, GHOST…..

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