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White Sand’s Secret

Hi, the information that i am about to relate only a handful of people knows. For those staying in the Pasir Ris area, i am sure that you have been to White Sands shopping centre. But… did you know that white sands has 6, 7 and 8 storeys? I went there recently with one of my teacher that teaches in my school, Coral Secondary… He has this ‘power’ to sense ‘things’. He is a very very weird person. He is very interested in the supernatural. When I told him about white sand’s secret, and that ppl say that it is haunted, he was very interested in it. So, i brought him there! Personally, i have been into the 6 and 7 floors. But now, it is already locked. I will not say how to get there as I do not want any things to happen.

He said that the 6 and 7 floors had a very strong ‘presence’. He also said that the place that White Sands is standing on was a chinese temple many many years ago. He said that the whole of White Sands is generally okay, except for the 6 and 7 floor. The 8 floor, he said was okay.

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