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This story was told to me by a friend. One fine afternoon friend X was on her way with her friends to go for a camp. When they reach the place, they decided to set up a tent.

After that, they cooked some food to eat. After one hour, they went for a swim at the near by beach. It was already 7.30p.m when they finished their swim. Feeling exhuasted, they went to sleep after having their dinner.

Suddenly, friend X felt a gust of cold wind blowing towards her. She awoke from her sleep and felt someone trying to pull her soul. She panic. She was scared, very scared. She tried to call her friends, but she failed.

Just then, the teacher, miss lim who was patrolling around noticed the incident. She slapped and hit her face hard. Finally, she woke up. Miss Lim then told her that there was a coffin burried in the soil just beside where she was sleeping.

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