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Chain Letter Curse

When i was in Sec 2 last year, Shawn Cheng, one my friends, an exceedingly disturbed guy, was fond of playing practical jokes. Only thing was, he had no sense of humour. What he considered funny was not funny at all. Most of the times, it was downright silly and nasty.

Not any people liked him that much. Once, when Moses was feeling particularly bored, he wrote a chain letter. He wrote anonymously and circulated it among the students in school. I learned of this through a classmate who was unfortunate enough to receive a letter.

“Of course i sent out more letters, according to instructions,”said my friend. “The letter said that if i broke the chain of letters, a curse would befall me and something terrible would happen to me.” I was throughly disgusted. But as fate would have it, the chain circulated back to the creep who started it in the first place. And since Shawn was the one who invented this so-called curse, he didn’t bother to send out any letters.

A few days later, a terrible accident did befall that stupid idiot who started it. Shawn Cheng slipped on the basketball court and broke one of his legs in a freak accident. We uncovered the truth about the entire episode when he emerged from the hospital and confessed out of guilt and fear. Well, it served him right. He kind of lost his sick sense of humour after that accident.

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