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Coin Spirit Pontianak

This story was from my cousin. This happened in her school. That time their teacher was sick and had absent from school. My couson which school at coorporation pri sch were playing coin spirit with her frenz. They play until at about 15 mins. My couson also ask some question to the spirit like “Are u a girl”,”When did u died”.

While some of them were playing the coin spirit, my couson with her 4 frenz ask a permission from the relief teacher to go to the toilet. When they reach inside the girls toilet, they saw one door was closed. My cousin wonder who is inside. Some of them tried to knock on the door but no replied. They also tried to look under the door. They were shocked to see that there’s a woman with a white dress floating. 2 of my cousin frenz ran and the rest stay at the toilet. In a surprised, my cousin ask the woman are u the one in the coin spirit that we asked a question earlier ago. There’s no sign of replied. Then they asked again, suddenly the woman replied and say yes!. They were shocked and frightened. 3 of them ran as fast as their leg could carry.

PS;plz do not play coin spirit in school.

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