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I remember it happened on a raining day, we are having ifc training at oil palm plantation . After the night training , it around 11.30pm already, and then around 12.30am , ssg lim told me to drive my rover to the medical centre , one of the soldier is having a fever , so the company medic ,the sick soldier and me was on our way to the medical centre located at camp 3.

When i was driving, suddenly both of then shout at me (DRIVER GO FASTER , GO FASTER ) just when i was thinking what the hell is happening, i saw something which is green in colour thought the rear mirror, and once again both of them shout at me at a louder and scary voice again, then that when i step full on the accelerator until we reach camp 3 without any thought of the swd (what the driver scare the most }, after that seeing that both the medic and soldier face turn green ,i ask them ,when happened , then they tell me at a terrify sound . Both of them saw a old man riding a bicycle chasing our rover and at that time ,our rover is travelling at a speed of 45 kph ,and worst of all the old man is laughing like a mad man ,and he face is green in colour , so that when i know what the green thing is when i looked at the rear mirror.

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