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The Jumping Spirit

I live in serangoon which is popurlar because there used to be many graveyards around. Usually i stayed up to watch tv programs.

One night, after watching a soccer match, i went to sleep. At that it is around 3am so i was the only one who stayed up. The bed in which i slept in is facing the door. Before i slept, i usually turn on the centre light which i can see from the bed.

I was sleeping peacefully when i was awaken by a shadow behind the door which has the light on. The shadow kept appearing and disappearing as if it was jumping. Then i suddenly heard a “bam” on the door as if it accidentaly bump into it.

The next day, my dad ask his friend who’s a medium to “check”. He said that the spirit is hyperactive and loves to play. He chase the spirit away and the spirit never came back.

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